Forgotten - fanfic

Umm…welcome to my first attempt at an Eroica fanfic. Hope you don’t run away screaming after reading this. It was written in only one sitting and I hardly even thought about the flow of things.

One more thing, it might seem a cliché but the idea won’t leave my head and I have to write it down to make it go away. So…here it is and hope you enjoy.

Rating: K+
Warnings: deathfic

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Con-crit is much appreciated.

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Awww, it looks so nice! ^^ I can't help it, but that image just makes me think about Pucko... I tried to change his little sign so that it said "Hagberg" instead, bud i couldn't change the angle (@$£€£€£ paint...) Sorry, this is very OT...
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